MALIBU Artwork in Virtual Gallery CUBE

For his sculptural installation Manuel Rossner first works with 3D painting software for virtual reality that is mostly employed by designers and has also attracted the attention of some artists. Instead of creating a model excessively rich in detail, Rossner keeps his creation simplistic and easily recognizable as a painting even after adding intricate layers to obtain the final work. In this way, the artist points out the novelty of 3D painting, which brings forth sculpture and thus challenges the traditional understanding of painting and sculpture.

Evoking crash test and slow motion filming, Rossner’s gallery room of CUBE is equipped with massive floodlights at the sides pointing towards his sculptures. Individual elements of the installation react to a glowing arrow simulating force, they tumble and rebound as if caught in a repeating crash test, while the visitor can walk through the installation. Presented in this filmset-like scenery, Malibu symbolizes a testing ground for new aesthetics, media and forms of artistic expression.

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