Manuel Rossner’s Spatial Painting connects two central Basel locations: the market square and the trade fair. An enormous sculptural form consisting of three-dimensional lines and bubble-like formations occupies the space and snakes up into the sky to find its continuation and connection at the other location. Rossner’s digital sculpture is in the tradition of abstract painting. It is colorful and rich in contrast, and refers to the fluid aesthetics of the digital age. It invites us to experience color, form, and matter in space in a sensory manner. The sculpture is not static and instead changes rhythmically. It expands and shrinks again – a breathing entity that appears to react to the surrounding space.

A small, artificial white figure that Rossner often uses as a digital alter ego in his works moves on the digital sculpture. The figure explores the lines and uses them as a starting point for its own explorations in space. The spherical shapes represent obstacles and digital representation errors, known as glitches, occur when the figure is hit by them. This playful component is part of the artist’s aesthetic practice and refers to the increasing gamification of our world and to strolling in digital game worlds. These immaterial experiences meet with the experience of physical environments here. 

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