Berlin urgently needs a museum for digital art and NFTs. The Berlin based artist Manuel Rossner lends the city a helping hand, of course with the wink of an eye. The digital exhibition space New Float will open on 02.02.2022. 

Manuel Rossner thought he would just use the free property between Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery), Philharmonie and St. Mattew’s Church in Berlin until 2026, when the Museum of 20th Century by Herzog & de Meuron is planned to open. 

An Amorphous Blob of Buildings Can Now Be Seen Where the Building

Pit for the Museum of the 20th Century is Actually Being Excavated.

Tilman Baumgärtel
taz, 16.3.22

New Float is a digital exhibition space with its main focus on presenting and discussing current developments linked to NFTs and digital art. The aim is to create experiences by giving digital art a native and immersive spatial context. New ways of curating will be explored by applying decentralized technologies. 

New Float also houses the Realworld Collection. Works in the collection span generative art, crypto art, 3D sculpture, augmented reality, AI, video, and photography. 

The building was designed by Manuel Rossner. It is built on the digital premises of dynamic expansion, flexibility, and rapid adjustability. With the help of physics simulation, the building’s shape was built. Digital clay was used to sculpt the inside walls. The wall is customized for each work of art. 

New Float is part of Realworld, a metaverse of geo-located art experiences built by Rossner. 

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